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1999 Dodge Ram 3500 Wheels Interchange

Tire Sizes 1999 Dodge Ram 3500

215/85 R16

215 - Tire width

The first three numbers of a tire's size indicate its width. These measurements, in millimeters from sidewall-to-sidewall and can be used to determine which vehicles they are best suited for based on what kind or vehicle you have driving around with your family members inside!

85 - Tire Aspect

The aspect ratio on a tire is the height from the wheel rim to the top of the tread, expressed as a percentage. This information can be found near your car or truck's wheels with an easy-to-read label that will tell you what this number means in terms of driving performance!

R16 - Rim Diameter

When you buy new tires for your car, the first thing that will catch your eye is the rim diameter. This is the distance measured in inches across the face of the wheel, from bead seat to bead seat. It's measured this way because that's where the tire and the wheel come together. The bigger something gets on wheels - like a big truck or SUV rims- it needs to have an even larger footprint.

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Wheel Specs

Lug Nut Size - M14 x 1.5

Buy Lug Nuts on amazon. When measuring your lug nut sizes, you'll need to pay attention to two separate numbers. The first number indicates the diameter of the stud, and for metric-sized nuts this is measured in millimeters between threads.

Standard lug nuts are denoted by a second number which expresses thread pitch in terms of how many threads per inch there are on that particular nut or bolt. As an example, a 12mmx1.25 sized lug nut will have both 12mm diameter as well as 1.25 mm thread pitch!

Lug Nuts

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Bolt Pattern - 8x165.1

The bolt pattern (PCD) is essential for wheel fitment because it determines the compatibility of the aftermarket rims with the car's hub.

The number of lug holes on the wheel should match the number of studs on the hub, and the distance between the holes should be identical. Change your vehicle's bolt pattern by installing wheel adapters to match the lug scheme of the wheels that are to be installed.

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Hub Bore Size - 130.8 mm

Find cool-looking Center Caps on Amazon. What is the center bore of a car wheel? The hole at its middle that meets with a hub. A new set of rims must have exactly the same dimension to fit properly on your vehicle. Otherwise, you may soon lose your wheels while turning corners!

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Rim sizes:

Fuel Maverick 20x10 -18 Black

Fuel Maverick 20x10 -18 Black

20x10.0 -18mm

Black with Milled Spoke and Lip Accents

Vision Prowler 20x12 -51 Black

Vision Prowler 20x12 -51 Black

20x12.0 -51mm

Gloss Black with Machined Spoke Faces

Fuel Maverick 20x14 -76 Chrome

Fuel Maverick 20x14 -76 Chrome

20x14.0 -76mm


Fuel Triton 20x12 -43 Black Milled

Fuel Triton 20x12 -43 Black Milled

20x12.0 -43mm

Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges

Fuel Maverick 17x6.5 116 Black

Fuel Maverick 17x6.5 116 Black

17x6.5 +116mm

Black with Milled Spoke Windows and Lip Accents

Hardrock PainKiller Xposed 24x14 -76 Black

Hardrock PainKiller Xposed 24x14 -76 Black

24x14.0 -76mm

Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges and Lip Accents

Are 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 wheels interchangeable?

Are you currently planning to swap wheels or your personal 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 in a little while although you are not certain that lug rims interchangeable with another vehicle? So apparently you understand that this aspect is a bit complicated. Moreover, for those who have a little tire replacement , then you definitely know that finding new wheels happen to be not very quick and simple. If only not executed through the cooperation with an expert. So you will be glad to hear that our experts help you in this quarry.

We state that the quantity of lug nuts matters notwithstanding aesthetically, the new-fangled wheel's bolt scheme seems to fit your 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 pattern. More than that you have to pay attention to the wheel countervail, the gap from your tire surface to the central point, and recall that this distance may be negative, positive, and zero. When making this chart, our specialists have mixed together everything we know about plus-sizing: how this technique may boost your 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 image and effeciency, what pluses and minuses are, and what inch-up approaches can be found.

In total, our exhaustive database will demostrate the cross reference information based on the bolt pattern and wheel specs. Below one can locate the cross reference information and facts with a table of autos qualified for wheel interchange with 1999 Dodge Ram 3500.


If an incorrect bolt is used, a wheel may fall off, someone may be killed or injured and you and/or your company could be sued. All this because someone didn't take a few extra minutes to choose the correct bolt for a specific application.

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