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2002 Ferrari 456M Wheels Interchange

Tire Sizes 2002 Ferrari 456M

Wheel Specs

Lug Nut Size - M14 x 1.5

Buy Lug Nuts on amazon. When measuring your lug nut sizes, you'll need to pay attention to two separate numbers. The first number indicates the diameter of the stud, and for metric-sized nuts this is measured in millimeters between threads.

Standard lug nuts are denoted by a second number which expresses thread pitch in terms of how many threads per inch there are on that particular nut or bolt. As an example, a 12mmx1.25 sized lug nut will have both 12mm diameter as well as 1.25 mm thread pitch!

Lug Nuts

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Bolt Pattern - 5x108

The bolt pattern (PCD) is essential for wheel fitment because it determines the compatibility of the aftermarket rims with the car's hub.

The number of lug holes on the wheel should match the number of studs on the hub, and the distance between the holes should be identical. Change your vehicle's bolt pattern by installing wheel adapters to match the lug scheme of the wheels that are to be installed.

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Hub Bore Size - 67.1 mm

Find cool-looking Center Caps on Amazon. What is the center bore of a car wheel? The hole at its middle that meets with a hub. A new set of rims must have exactly the same dimension to fit properly on your vehicle. Otherwise, you may soon lose your wheels while turning corners!

Center Caps

Are 2002 Ferrari 456M wheels interchangeable?

Are you currently planning to replace wheels for the 2002 Ferrari 456M presently although you are not firm that lug rims interchangeable with any other automobile? Then apparently you are aware of the fact that this case is a bit demanding. In addition, in case you have a little tire changing background, then you definitely understand that searching new wheels is not really brisk and painless. Unless accomplished under the wing of a specialist. Thus you will be glad to hear that or team go for you in this adventure.

We can tell you that the amount of lug nuts makes a difference although aesthetically, the new wheel's bolt disposition appears to suit your 2002 Ferrari 456M pattern. Moreover, you need to concentrate on the wheel countervail, distance from the tire surface to the central point, and bear in mind that it can be under zero, above zero, and zero. While making this chart, our team have mixed together everything we undergo about plus-sizing: how this technique could boost your 2002 Ferrari 456M appearance and performance, what the pros and cons are, and what inch-up approaches can be found.

In general, our full database will reveal the cross reference information and facts in consonance with the bolt pattern and wheel designations. Listed below you may find out the cross reference facts with a long list of automobiles qualified to receive wheel interchange with 2002 Ferrari 456M.


If an incorrect bolt is used, a wheel may fall off, someone may be killed or injured and you and/or your company could be sued. All this because someone didn't take a few extra minutes to choose the correct bolt for a specific application.

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