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What Wheels Interchange with Hyundai Genesis. Learn the Facts

Are you currently thinking about the opportunity to change wheels for the Hyundai Genesis in a little while however, you are not confident whether lug rims interchangeable with any other automobile? In such case probably you are aware of the fact that this aspect is a bit difficult. Besides, in case you have some tire swapping practical experience, then you must understand that getting new wheels happen to be not very rapid and trouble-free. Unless done through the cooperation with an expert. Thus the positive news for you is that we would assist you with this quest.

We will explain that the number of lug nuts is of value even though visually, the new-fangled wheel's bolt scheme creates the impression of them to fit your Hyundai Genesis pattern. At the same time you have got to concentrate on the wheel offset, the gap from your wheel surface to its central point, and recall that it can be under zero, above zero, and nullity. While preparing the chart, our specialists have joined together everything we keep in mind about plus-sizing: how this approach can upgrade your Hyundai Genesis image and performance, what the pros and cons are, and what inch-up strategies one may find.

In total, our large directory will unfold the cross reference info based on the bolt pattern and wheel specs. Listed below you can find the cross reference facts with a row of vehicles qualified for wheel interchange with Hyundai Genesis.


If an incorrect bolt is used, a wheel may fall off, someone may be killed or injured and you and/or your company could be sued. All this because someone didn't take a few extra minutes to choose the correct bolt for a specific application.

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